Feel Amazing with our Lux Auto Detailing in Airdrie

Are you a busy parent, who’s vehicle feels like your second home? Is it full of fishy crackers, French fries & pet hair? We will give you the Oo La La back & you can check it off of your to do list.

Choose the car detailing service right for you…

The Mother Load of Auto Detailing

Starting at $257

The Mother Load of Auto Detailing - where we take care of everything. We will do our very best to have your vehicle back to looking like the day you got it by getting into all the nooks and crannies. It includes: thorough vacuum, shampoo of upholstery and carpets, leather clean/condition, vents, mats, door jams and glass polished to a shine.

There are options for vehicles of all sizes - choose the number of rows of seats you have (including the drivers row) and any other add-ons needed, including pet hair removal and heavily soiled vehicles.

Time for a Quickie

Starting at $157

Is it time for a Quickie? This service is fast and furious! We will clean your mats, polish your glass, and thoroughly vacuum the entire vehicle. Please note that this service is meant as a maintenance detail for vehicles that require minimal detailing. See our Mother Load packages for a more in-depth detail.

This service does NOT include cleaning or conditioning of leather seats, door jams, vents, shampoo, or steam cleaning.

Woman owned and have cleaned over 500 cars!
We are coming for ya Airdrie, one car at a time!

About Pam - Queen Empire Builder

I have lived in Airdrie since 1988 and after leaving a job of 15 years with nothing else lined up and a mortgage to pay, I decided it was time to tackle the disgusting job, that I had been putting off for literally years, of cleaning out my car. It took about 3 hours before I was satisfied with the job I had done and as I was driving my Dodge Journey (which in my head felt like a Lincoln Navigator), I felt SO DANG GOOD, like I had just finally done something good for myself. Until this time, I was working full-time and a full-time Mom to my then 4-year-old daughter. I began to wonder if there were other busy Moms out there that I could give this feeling too. I posted in a local Moms group on Facebook and 202 comments my summer was booked solid! The next day, I showed up to my first client’s house to clean her Mazda 3 with my upright vacuum from home.

From there I knew I needed to explore this as a business and what would I call my business? One lovely afternoon, as I watched my daughter playing, I noticed that she had on a pale pink shirt with bright gold letters that read “BUILDING MY EMPIRE”. And, on that day, Empire Details was born!

“Ladies! Empire Details has done it again! Pam Payne and her staff have my vehicle looking Brand New! It’s easy to book and they have amazing prices!” - Monica